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In this episode I try out a blended green tea called Oasis, made by Tea Forte. Tea Forte is starting to pop up all over in places like Nordstrom, Planet Beauty, Crate & Barrel, and a whole host of popular retail stores. You’ll probably recognize their pyramid infusers and their signature leaf, so I thought I’d give them a shot. They have a great line of tea accessories and a variety of teas to match. We already know their presentation is great, now it’s time to test the tea. Cheers.

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In this episode, I’ll take a look at a few of the more common ways to brew your loose leaf tea. Visit the Bodum website if you want to find the yo-yo glass and infuser basket set or the teapot shown. Here are the T-Sac tea filters shown. Now start steeping!

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In this episode I take a look at the Peach Momotaro from Teavana. This is what’s known as a flowering or blooming tea. It is a hand woven ball of white tea leaves, with a small bouquet of chrisanthemine and jasmine flowers inside. When brewed, the tea ball unfurls and produces a very elegant looking tea pot and a light flavored tea. Obviously this tea is best brewed in a clear tea pot, like the Sorapot, shown in this episode. Let me know if you’ve tried any other blooming teas that you’ve enjoyed. Cheers.

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Properly storing your tea is a big part of enjoying the perfect cup. Try to aviod air, light, odor, heat, and moisture for the freshest and longest lasting teas. If properly stored, your teas should last 2-3 years, depending on the type of tea. If you want the containers shown in this video, check out www.specialtybottle.com – they’re super cheap and great for storage.

If you have trouble viewing this video, check it out on my Vimeo page.

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Drinking tea isn’t just about enjoying the flavor, its about looking cool while doing it. I’ve included some links below to some of the most unique and practical tea accessories. I do not yet own any of them, so feel free to keep these in mind for gift ideas (wink). Also, I’m sure I’ve left a lot of great ones out, so feel free to clutter up the comment section with your own. Cheers.

Favorite Tea Pots

Sorapot – awesome, modern design

IngenuiTEA – convenient and practical

GraviTEA – the perfect steep made easy

SmarTEA – stylish fondue style tea kettle, tea infuser, and tea pot all-in-one

Favorite Tea Cups & Mugs

Joemo Travel Mug – highest user rated travel mug (with infuser)

Toolbar Travel Tumbler – cool looking vacuum travel mug (no infuser)

Contemporary Double Walled Glass Cup – everything I want in a tea cup: stylish, see through, and double walled

Cast Iron Tea Cups – for a more authentic feel

Favorite Tea Makers and Kettles

Fine T Machine – brew the perfect tea, although it takes some of the fun out of making tea

PerfecTemp Tea Kettle – tea kettle with a built-in temperature gauge

Favorite Tea Accessories

The Teastick – great infuser, just “scoop, slide, and steep”

Sharky – have some fun while infusing your tea (great for reds)

Obama Tea Art – very creative artist makes an Obama illustration out of tea

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